KMEX-TV features the San Fernando Community Health Center Care Circle Program

During National Health Center Week on August 11, KMEX-TV visited SFCHC to learn how the pilot program Care Circle helps patients self-manage diabetes and overcome barriers to equity in care. This news story shares important information about how vulnerable members of our community are using new technology to improve their health outcomes and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

A pilot program for diabetic patients has been launched. Some people say it has saved their lives.

The pandemic has made many community health clinics quickly adopt the practice of telemedicine, or remote health care. This is a free pilot program that allows patients with diabetes who are at risk and who do not have access to health care services in Los Angeles to overcome the medical care barriers and improve their health. Today, a patient shares his experience in the San Fernando Community Health Center.

“I’m giving myself the opportunity to live at least ten more years. If I keep my sugar levels above 400-500, I’m not going to last even three years,” says Jesús Gutiérrez.

Participants of this program are given an iPad, a scale, a blood pressure monitor, and a glucometer. They also have access to a diabetes educator, a nutritionist, a doctor, and cooking lessons for diabetic people, all very useful.

Link to Video courtesy of KMEX-TV