The Enduring Power of the Pen

The phrase “the power of the pen” may seem obsolete in today’s age of advanced technology and tools. However, I learned at an early age that nothing can replace clear, concise and persuasive communication.

As a child, I signed up for a local restaurant’s birthday club. For at least a month prior to my sixth birthday, I checked the mail every day – eagerly awaiting my coupon for a free ice cream. To my bitter disappointment, it never arrived.

Rather than responding with shared dismay, my mother handed me a pencil and paper and suggested I write a letter. Within a week, I received a gift certificate for an entire family meal, which was no small gift considering I was the youngest of six siblings! It’s a lesson that I have never forgotten, and that I have put into practice over and over again as a public relations practitioner.

In today’s rapidly changing media market, crafting an effective message is just half the job. Before you begin to write, have a clear understanding of how, where and when to place your message. Great public relations and marketing strategies communicate what your brand stands for in a way that is memorable, relevant and inspiring. Only then can you generate results.

The power of the pen is not bound by time or age. Do you have a memorable letter-writing story to share? We’d love to hear it!

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